Asst. Superintendent Dr. Bauer's 21-22 Goals

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer's 2021-2022 Goals

Image of Todd Bauer

Goal 1: Re-establish focus on instruction, assessment, and data through:

  • Enhance district-wide understanding and implementation of data analysis program
  • Implementing a universal screener at middle school level
  • Providing professional development and setting expectations for utilizing LinkIt!, data warehouse
  • Critically assessing the effects of the pandemic and provide supports
  • Developing a committee and reviewing the homework policy

Goal 2: Continue to advance efforts towards providing an equitable experience for all students and staff by:

  • Developing and implementing a plan to meet with students, faculty, and staff on a more frequent basis to collect feedback 
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of the student handbook and student discipline code in accordance with our new policies
  • Creating a process for building principals to develop a comprehensive equity plan for their building
  • Furthering efforts to decrease disproportionality in course placement, student discipline, and over/under identification for special education and gifted, respectively
  • Implementing community outreach/partnerships in an effort to provide job/work related experiences to high school students via an internship program

Goal 3: Oversee processes for continued Knapp renovation and master plan development for NPHS campus in addition to furthering our safe schools initiatives through:

  • Working with teams of stakeholders in the review of the NPHS facility/campus in preparation for potential renovation project
  • Implementing data initiatives with safe schools
  • Expanding and full implementation of Behavioral Threat Assessment process
  • Expansion of restorative practices training and certification at the middle school level

Goal 4: Provide increased supports for social and emotional well-being of students and staff with expanded community outreach efforts in addition to in-district supports by:

  • Implementing restorative practices, professional development and implementation at the middle level
  • Introducing an administrative induction program in collaboration the Director of Human Resources
  • Conducting PAYS Survey
  • Implementing Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)  and the Second Step model at middle school level
  • Implementing School Adolescent Mood (SAM) program in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Goal 5: Expand opportunities for students to obtain college credit and gain career exposure through:

  • Expanding dual enrollment opportunities for secondary students
  • Developing and implementing internship program for high school students 22-23 school year
  • Furthering spatial computing opportunities
  • Focusing on tech school/trades

The NPSD Board of School Directors concluded the performance assessment of NPSD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Bauer and determined that he met or exceeded all objective performance standards for the 2020-2021 school year.