Assistive Listening in the NPSD

Assistive Listening in the North Penn School District


What is an assistive listening device?

An Assistive listening device (AL) is used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations. A common usage is to aid people who are hard of hearing (HOH) by amplification and better sound to noise ratio (SNR).

The North Penn School District provides assistive listening in the auditorium/ multipurpose rooms of every school in the district.

What types of assistive devices are available?

North Penn School District utilizes FM systems with a receiver where the user wears headphones or an inductive loop. People who have a telecoil inside their hearing aid or cochlear implant may use the inductive loop with the receiver. The user wears a wire around the neck (called a neckloop) to convert the signal into magnetic signals that can be picked up directly by the telecoil.

Where can I find the personal receiver and headphone/ loop?

The Assistive Listening receivers are found at the sound board location in each auditorium or Multipurpose room. When a program has audio visual staff, the Assistive Listening belt pack with headphones or inductive loop can be obtained from the audio visual staff. If there is an event, where there are no audio visual staff is on site, please ask the meeting or show organizer for an Assistive Listening Device. If no one can assist, all equipment is located at the sound system location. A list of where to find the equipment is below. Please remember, Assistive Listening will only work if a microphone is in use. It will not amplify ambient sound in the room. 

AL Logo


Look for the AL symbol above for location of receivers. See below for the school specific locations.

Elementary Schools

AL Equipment is located on stage in the gym

Middle School Auditoriums

At Pennbrook and Pennfield, AL is located in the rear of room at the sound board. At Penndale, AL is located at the sound board in the balcony.

High School

In the auditorium and audion, AL is located in the rear of room in control room.

Educational Service Center

AL is located in the rear of room. The ESC also has an inductive loop installed in the room where people with a t-coil can utilize the assistive listening signal without a personal receiver.


Example of AL Equipment and SIgnage