Facilities and Operations Meeting Items

Community members crowded the Pennfield Middle School Auditorium on April 9 to hear about and give input regarding North Penn School District building and renovation needs. The community forum served as a follow-up session to an initial meeting held in November. This session was another opportunity for those in the room and those watching online to review the condition of current buildings, plans for renovations and the costs associated with the work.

The following was summed up by Dr. Curt Dietrich, NPSD Superintendent of Schools, in a letter to staff:

  • All the changes we are discussing take time to develop, finalize, approve and complete.
    • At Knapp, we have already borrowed $20 million of the $25 million needed to renovate and work should be done by August of 2022.

    • The approximate $6 million worth of work at Crawford Stadium, which is being funded through the capital reserve, will begin in the fall and is scheduled to be completed by commencement 2020.

    • Any work at the high school would tentatively begin in 2021 when construction of the 9th grade center would begin. When completed in 2023 it would then house 10th, 11th and 12th graders through 2027 as original parts of NPHS are renovated.

    • Ninth graders would not officially move to NPHS until the fall of 2028 under this plan.

  • Finances are a vital consideration as we move ahead. We must remember that unless there is a ballot referendum, taxes may not be approved over the ACT 1 index, except for retirement and special education purposes, so we must try to keep debt service and all other districts costs such as salaries, healthcare, transportation, curriculum, etc. within the ACT 1 index annually.
  • Only so much can be done at one time. So, as we would get closer to 2028 and the opening of a 9th grade center is on the horizon, we would then begin talks and plans for the middle schools and possible movement of 6th grade to these three buildings. Conversations around air conditioning of these schools, possible consolidation of middle schools into two, and renovating or closing of Penndale would take place at this time.


Thank you to everyone in attendance. Community members are encouraged to attend the Support Services Committee meetings in the coming months to participate in the important conversation regarding our buildings and grounds. Click here to view a list of these meeting dates.

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