Asst. Superintendent Dr. Waters' Goals

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Waters' 2023-2024 Goals

Focus Areas:

  • Increased Communication
  • Proactive Special Education Measures
  • CPE & I Professional Development For all Staff and Being More Intentional With Leadership
  • Mental Health and Wellness Supports
  • Enhance the Sense of Belonging
  • Providing Admin PD
  • ECI and Policy


Goal and Steps

 District Comprehensive Goal

 Goal 1: Increase student achievement and provide excellent programming for students by:

  • Providing meaningful professional development opportunities that benefit all learners
  • Incorporating the Universal for Design Framework
  • Implementing new curricula programs with fidelity
  • Developing authentic assessments at NPHS
  • Creating Second Chance Learning opportunities
  • Meeting monthly with the Directors of Special Education, Elementary Education, Curriculum and Equity, and the Administrator of Secondary Learning and Renovation to align goals and expectations

Academic Excellence 

 Goal 2: Continue to develop a community that values a sense of belonging and promotes equity for all students by: 

  • Increasing the awareness, knowledge, and skills of administrators, teachers, and staff to support learners
  • Reducing the number of diverse students who are disproportionately represented in Special Education and behavior referrals
  • Recruiting and retaining qualified, diverse staff who are representative of our students and community
  • Strengthening connections with the NP community
  • Fostering a sense of belonging in classrooms/schools
  • Increasing the number of schools that participate in the "No Place for Hate" program
  • Expanding the MTSS model to identify students needing additional supports and interventions
  • Utilizing a gifted screener and strengthening the process to identify students needing enrichment

 Equity, Access, and Cultural Responsiveness

 Goal 3: Create innovative environments that are safe and welcoming by:

  • Cultivating intentionally inviting school cultures
  • Integrating technology into lessons appropriately
  • Practicing safety drills with administrators, teachers, and staff members
  • Implementing ALICE training and safety protocols
  • Seeking qualitative feedback from students/families
  • Providing professional development on positive, proactive de-escalation strategies and techniques
  • Participating in the HS project and renovation discussions, as needed

 Safe, Efficient, and Modern Schools

 Goal 4: Promote organizational effectiveness resulting in improved services for students and the community by:

  • Making fiscally responsible decisions
  • Streamlining communication to staff and community
  • Refining district policies and administrative regulations
  • Collaborating to determine the use of federal funds
  • Exploring enhancements to the MS schedule
  • Helping the community understand the referendum and when it will occur during this school year

 Operational Excellence

 Goal 5: Enhance mental health supports for students and staff by: 

  • Responding to qualitative feedback from students and staff
  • Scheduling time for Second Step in grades K-6
  • Introducing a SEL curriculum at the middle level
  • Training elementary staff on Responsive Classroom
  • Increasing intensive K-12 counseling supports
  • Expanding opportunities for staff and student wellness by accomplishing the Wellness Committee's goals

Social and Emotional Wellness

 Goal 6: Ensure students are equipped for college or careers upon graduation by:

  • Expanding dual enrollment opportunities for students
  • Offering a variety of internships and mentorships to high school students (CHIP Program)
  • Planning career fairs and trade fair opportunities
  • Increasing Post-12 community partnerships
  • Delivering guidance career lessons to students

 Future Ready

 Goal 7: Communicate with and engage the NP Community by:
  • Collaborating with P.I.E. members on inclusive and equitable practices and supporting affinity groups
  • Enhancing opportunities for student voice and choice
  • Planning and attending community engagements
  • Supporting the Special Education Parent Alliance's new parent orientation in September 2023
  • Offering a mental health fair for NP families
  • Providing family engagement workshops throughout the school year on various topics
  • Increasing communication (i.e. updating the website, adding to the monthly newsletter, detailed emails, etc.)