Our Vision, Mission & Core Organizational Values

Our Vision:

The North Penn School District seeks to develop students who embody its universal values of achievement, kindness, collaboration, respect, responsibility, resilience, and integrity.  Through an education that develops students both academically and emotionally, equitable opportunities, and a respect for human differences, members of the North Penn community will contribute to their local and global communities. 

Our Mission:

The North Penn School District is an effective, innovative, student-centered community of teaching and learning where every student is empowered to:

  • Become an independent, adaptable, life-long learner who uses knowledge to create new understandings;
  • Exhibit creative, collaborative, and critical thinking;
  • Achieve at one's highest potential;
  • Live as a positive, responsible, and contributing citizen of the global society; and
  • Develop a respect for diversity and appreciation of human differences.


Shared Values:

Visionary Leadership:

Contributing to the development of a quality organization by building the relationships necessary to create the conditions that:

  • Foster a high level of employee, student and community engagement;
  • Provide opportunities for employee decision-making;
  • Include a high level of visibility; and
  • Are characterized by leadership coaching.


High Expectations for Learning:

Cultivating an environment where:

  • Every student knows he or she can succeed;
  • Families, community members and staff demonstrate the confidence to meet the needs of every child; and
  • Strategies are used that ensure high levels of achievement and address student learning differences.



Empowering and equipping students, staff, and community members to better serve by:

  • Providing them with a healthful environment in which they continuously learn and embrace change; and
  • Soliciting feedback to effectively understand and address the needs and concerns of students, staff and the community.

Continuous Improvement:

Creating a culture throughout the organization of commitment to use and share data that measures student, employee and organizational performance in:

  • Decision-making;
  • Planning focused on retaining strengths
  • Addressing opportunities for improvement; and
  • Program assessment.

Partnerships and Teamwork:

Utilizing the power of teaming to deliver the best for our school community.

Strength in Diversity:

Recognizes the power in respecting, understanding, and celebrating human differences to build community, inspire ideas, develop shared experiences, and enrich the organization.