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Raptor information: If you plan to stay in the building (as opposed to just picking up/dropping off a student), you will need to be entered into the Raptor system. Please have your driver's license available. Once your license is scanned, a badge will print out for you to wear during your stay. Upon leaving the building, please stop in the office to return the badge. We are asking that you please still sign in/out using our sign-in book. Thank you for your cooperation.

In the event of an emergency or illness, we may need to contact you, so please continue to update your contact information as you change your phone number(s), email addresses, etc. Also, please inform the office and the classroom teacher when your emergency contacts change their information. In the event of an emergency closing, School Messenger will call the information listed on the emergency forms.

When there is inclement weather, listen to WNPV-1440 or KYW-1060 for North Penn School District code 303, watch for updates on NPTV, Comcast channel 28, Verizon channel 29, or visit Please refer to these resources before calling the school office. Office staff is busy communicating dismissal information to students, teachers, and families. Also, make certain the information you include on the emergency closing form is the desired dismissal procedure. Children will be dismissed in accordance to the information provided on the form.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Mrs. Stacy Kless & Mrs. Lisa Fox