6th Grade Committee

6th Grade Committee


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Why does 6th grade do its own fundraising?

We send the 6th graders from Walton Farm off to Middle School with some special goodbyes. We frame a picture of the class for the walls of Walton Farm, they have an end-of-the-year party and T-shirts with the names of all of their classmates. Fundraising helps ensure that each 6th grader gets a yearbook.

A committee of parents whose children are entering 6th grade forms at the end of the school year prior to them entering 6th grade and decides what special events, activities and items will need to be purchased and therefore, how much money will need to be raised.

The 6th grade class also gives a gift back to the school that benefits ALL Walton Farm students; some recent gifts have been the sign in the front of the school, the TV/computer in the lobby that scrolls announcements, a wireless microphone system, picnic tables that are used by staff and students.

Most of our families have children that stay at Walton Farm through 6th grade and therefore become part of this fundraising effort. Any extra monies raised are given back to the Home and School account.

Just like with ANY of our fundraisers, if you are not interested, you do not have to participate. Your children will benefit from our fundraising efforts regardless of their grade level. We designate which fundraisers benefit 6th grade because some of our parents wish to know that information ahead of time when they choose which fundraisers to support. Having said that, the Home and School Association Executive Board, Administration and Teachers feel strongly that any support of children is important, and therefore we fully discuss and support the 6th grade committee. Their ideas and budget are approved as part of the same budget approval process of the overall Home and School budget in September.