H & S Closet

H & S Closet Information 2019-2020


Thank you for volunteering to help with an H & S event.  Without you, we’d be unable to provide such great opportunities for our kids. To help make planning your event easier, we have many items available in the H & S closet for your use.

In the closet, you will find the following items available for ALL to use:

8X10 Picture Frames (used to display signs at events) HC

“Carnival type” prizes

Cups, napkins, plates, forks, spoons

Plastic table covers

Construction paper


Pens, pencils, crayons

Curling ribbon

A bow maker

Button maker

Popcorn, popcorn bags, and of course, the popcorn maker


Please keep the following in mind when using the H & S closet:

Please check the closet BEFORE you purchase anything. It will keep our costs down if we can avoid purchasing supplies we already own.

DO NOT STORE FOOD ITEMS IN THE H & S CLOSET!!!  It attracts unwanted “guests” (of the 4-legged variety).  Ideas for leftover food:  See if another committee can use it for an upcoming event, take it home to use at a H & S event later, leave it in the teacher’s lounge for faculty and staff

The key to the closet is in the office by Stacy Kless’s Desk, attached to a big green pole.  BE SURE TO RETURN IT TO THE EXACT SAME PLACE.  This is the only key we have.

If you find it on a shelf, please return it to the same shelf. 

If you find it in a bin, please return it to the same bin. 

If you purchase something new that is considered a “general supply” (e.g. construction paper), please place it on a shelf where it is available for everyone.

If what you purchase is truly specific for your event (e.g. eye patches for pirate RIF day), please label it for that event and place it on the appropriate shelf. 

If there is no space available, please contact Christine Chen for assistance. 

Due to limited closet space, if you purchase a supply for Walton Farm that you don’t want available for use by everyone, please find a different place to store it.

I know it’s tempting to just toss everything back into the closet at the end of an event.  But please keep in mind that the closet is used by a lot of people, and when things aren’t put away, it makes it difficult on everyone else.  If you throw things back in the closet at the end of an event, please go back the next day and return everything to its proper place.

Please do not place loose napkins back in the bin as they are never re-used and just become crumpled.  Either return them to the plastic sleeve or discard them after your event.

If we all do our part, we can keep the closet clean, orderly, and easy to use for everyone.

Please direct any questions or comments to Christine Chen.