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Technology and Engineering Education Courses


Courses in technology and engineering education reflect innovations, technological systems, resources and products related to technology. Technology & engineering education explores the social, cultural and environmental impacts of technology. Opportunity is provided in classroom and laboratory settings for students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding technology. This course integrates science, technology engineering and math (STEM) into a program that is designed to insure that citizens are prepared to live in and contribute to a competitive and complex technological society. 


Minor Elective Offering


TECHNOLOGY 7: Intro to Technology Image of an apple which stands for a seventh grade class

1 Marking Period, 6 Periods Per Cycle

This is an introductory course which explores technology & engineering education. Students will investigate the key concepts of technology & engineering education through hands-on problem solving and critical thinking activities.

EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY 8 Image of a book which stands for an eighth grade course

Full Year, 2 Periods Per Cycle

This is a project-based course exploring disciplines in technology & engineering. Students will investigate how humans design, create and use technology by developing their own solutions to technological problems. Projects are based on real world technological problems/ solutions and how these solutions impact individuals, society and the environment.

Image of an apple which stands for a seventh grade class  = Seventh Grade Course /  Image of a book which stands for an eighth grade course = Eighth Grade Course

Final deadline for students and/or parents to initiate requests for course changes is April 28, 2023